At St. Mary’s school, we are committed to providing a school environment that prioritises student wellbeing. The promotion of a whole school approach to student learning and wellbeing is supported by the Student Wellbeing Coordinator, Administration team and school staff. Implementation of programs that promote positive relationships across year levels and educate students and staff about health and wellbeing are key elements of this.

Pastoral Care Program

Victoria has been invited to participate in the commonwealth government’s national School Chaplaincy Programme (NSCP). The aim of the NSCP is to support the emotional wellbeing of students by providing pastoral care services and strategies that support the emotional wellbeing of the broader school community.

These services are provided at St Mary’s by agreement with the Commonwealth Government and the Catholic Education Office Melbourne.

Role Purpose of Pastoral Care Worker:

General emotional and wellbeing support:

  1. To assist identified students with areas of personal wellbeing such as student attendance and engagement, mental health and social emotional functioning (e.g. social skills, anxiety issues, anger management and coping with daily stresses).
  2. To provide general wellbeing support to students, families and staff and/or appropriate referrals in difficult situations (such as during times of grief, when facing personal or emotional challenges).
  3. Providing pastoral care and guidance to students about values and ethical matters, referring students or sourcing appropriate services to meet these needs (e.g. access to services within the community).

Assistance with promoting a positive school environment:

  1. Supporting students and staff to create an environment which promotes the physical, emotional, social and intellectual development and wellbeing of all students.
  2. Supporting students and staff to create an environment of cooperation and mutual respect and promoting an understanding of diversity within the range of cultures and relevant traditions.

Our Pastoral Care worker has a background in Nursing (Div 2), and has completed a Diploma in Health Counselling conducted at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. They specialise in helping children and their parents manage big emotions.