Car Park

For the safety of all our children we ask that driver courtesy, patience and the utmost care is practised at all times.

No standing in the driveway, proceed straight to the bush track queue or park in the front carpark.

When you have accessed a car park, do not leave it to join the queue.

We need access for emergency vehicles, delivery vehicles and buses.

SAFETY: Car Parking for parents, in the morning and the end of the school day, is in the main car park leading into the school grounds only. Parking is not permitted at the start of the bush track through the yellow gate. The yellow gate is open from 2.30pm for parents wishing to use the drive-through pick up system. U-turns and parking are not permitted once cars have moved through the yellow gate, and is not permitted anywhere along the bush track. Safety for everyone is of the utmost importance at all times.


  • The grassed island at the front gates
  • Church driveway

Please adhere as penalties may apply.

The speed limit at St Mary’s is 5 kph at all times in all areas.